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Directory Submission

What we can do for you:

1.   We will take a close look at your website and the information you submit to us. We make sure the information you provide us is optimized to maximize traffic from the directories and search engines.
2.   We will insure all information (titles, descriptions, keywords, etc...) you provide us best matches your site's content and are within the guidelines of most Directories. You will have the opportunity to place 5 different titles and 5 different descriptions.
3.   We will target a large list of proven directories that best suit your website and promote your business. Our individualized service enables your website to receive targeted visitors based on your website's content.
4.   We will manually submit your website and information to each directory separately.
This customized approach saves you the time and effort while simultaneouslymaximizing your website's approval rate in the directories.
5.    We use your email for each submission. Most Directories will notify you about eachsubmission.
6.   Once we complete your order, we will email you a receipt (Spread Sheet) of all directories we submitted your site to and to which category for each website directory submission.
Please note we cannot guarantee that each submission will be approved. This is dependant on your website and business. Each directory has a human editor and it is up to their discretion to accept your website or not.

Service Highlights

•    Manual submissions by an experienced editor.
•    Up to 5 different titles and 5 descriptions.
•    All web directories are High traffic, SEO friendly, High rate of success, Known and Proven.
•    Receipt of Submission: We will Email you a copy of all web Directories and the location (category) of each submission.

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